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The reason for setting up this blog was I wanted to create a place where I could get information on:

  • Places to see and visit around the world

  • Life in china

  • Information on Living as a Westerner in Asia

  • Places to go, see and eat at

  • How long it would take and the necessay processes to go through to work abroad

  • What qualifactions I would need for working abroad

  • How much it would cost and whether it would be cost effective

  • Where I could travel to

  • and, what countries I could work in and how much I would be paid

  • How to get accomdation

  • And, Set up and international bank account

  • What agency to use and what schools to work  and collaborate with

When I started the process I was finding pockets of information on different aspects here and there, one person told me one thing, and another person told me the complete opposite. so, in the end I decided to blog about my entire experience from strat to finish providing all the info for someone else in the future if they find themselves in the same boat. As wll as a place where people could ask questions and hopefully find some answers. 

Who am I?

Teacher, Blogger, Marketer and Website Desginer, World Traveller and Creator of Where's Coco

"Once a year, Go to someplace you've never been before.." Dalai Lama